Meet Our CEO – Kimesha

I am a strategist by design and a writer at heart, and I bring my signature Caribbean flair, a global outlook, and a meticulous work ethic to every project. I like to say that my superpower is helping brands and businesses find their paradise – to build credibility, get more eyes on their business, to build momentum to more leads, sales and profits. I do this effortlessly along with my diverse and talented consultants while working in harmony with cross-functional and multicultural teams.

What’s your background?

My roots run deep into a rural community called Prospect, tucked away in the cool hills of North Central Clarendon, Jamaica. I grew up in humble beginnings where it was easy to be discouraged yet difficult to be inspired. But inspired I was. From a tender age, I recognised the value of nurturing relationships and answering the call for a higher life purpose. Even to this day, I feel this call has allowed me to persevere and excel in all aspects of life.

What lights you up?

Getting amazing results and campaign wins for my client is a sure fire way to make me happy. I’m in my element when I’m working on winning campaigns and getting great results for my clients. I’m also super passionate about volunteering and uplifting my community, and I spend quite a bit of time curating ideas and working on my charity, Amazing Prospects, which I founded in 2010 to give back to my Jamaican primary school, Prospect Primary. I even launched a scholarship during the pandemic to celebrate the charity’s 10th anniversary. I’m the Immediate Past President of the Clarendon College Alumni Association in Canada where I led a team of committed past students in giving back to my alma mater; I’m a member of the Hamilton Fempreneurs, and the PR and Social Media mentor for Women in Biz Network, a Canadian community of over 35,000 businesswomen. All these give me a sense of purpose and help me to don my SuperKimesha cape everyday to show up boldly and put my best foot forward.

You often talk about journalism being your first love. What was the high point of your journalism career?

I loved being a voice to the voiceless but I’d say my high point came when I interviewed Jim Clancy, a CNN International journalist!

Tell us about the clients you’ve worked with.

I’ve worked on an impressive portfolio of clients across North America and the Caribbean delivering exceptional results for leading international brands across a range of industries. Think about clients like Adidas, AV Communications, BMO, GraceKennedy, Heineken, Hyundai, IGL Ltd., The Ignite IGL Foundation, powerhouse American toy companies Jada Toys and Jay@Play Toys, Microsoft, the National Road Safety Council (NRSC), OZ Minerals – an Australian mining company, global licensing and product solutions agency MaxxMarketing, Pepsi, Red Stripe, Samsung, Scotiabank, Scotiabank Foundation, Scotia Investments, Western Union, the UPS Foundation, among others.

What are your areas of expertise?

Public relations is definitely at the top of the list. I specialise in crafting strategies to get business noticed, and I LOVE bring these strategies to life. I also bring to the table diverse experience in journalism, advertising, communications, and marketing, which gives me a unique perspective on how to launch and manage campaigns for maximum results. 

How have these experiences impacted your journey as a branding expert and PR pro?

I’m a go-to source for getting my clients noticed even when they are having the most difficult time sifting through messages and getting ahead of their competition. I have a strategic and proven formula for getting them more leads, customers, and sales. I do this by focusing on building brand equity, through public relations strategy, brand storytelling, media interviews, influencer marketing, event management, and corporate social responsibility which is one of my personal favourites, where I get my clients to do good in their neighbourhood by aligning with causes that are true to their values.

How do you unwind?

Music! Everything in life is better with music and I love so many genres that I can always find the right track to fire me up at work or help me unwind after a busy day. Better yet, a perfect pairing, in my eyes, is music plus an adventure that allows the stresses of life to fade into the background while my happiness takes centrestage.