Kimesha Walters


Kimesha is a seasoned communications professional with a passion for crafting meaningful stories that connect with people. An eternal optimist who thrives on perfecting solutions that marry creative brand experience with consumer engagement, she believes in tapping into the core values of a company and tailoring strategies that share their narrative and find affinity. Her experience spans public relations, corporate communications, marketing, social media and advertising across a range of industries. Having commenced her career in journalism where she honed her craft before she found her calling in public relations, Kimesha has worked in dynamic fast-paced PR and marketing agencies, delivering successful strategy and multi-pronged campaigns. She has executed projects in Toronto, New York, and Jamaica where she has deftly managed some of the foremost brands across North America and the Caribbean. She has managed campaigns for high-impact clients including Adidas, Frito Lay, GraceKennedy, Heineken, Hyundai, IGL, Ignite IGL Foundation, Jada Toys, Jay@Play Toys, J. Wray & Nephew, global marketing company Maxx Marketing. Microsoft, Samsung, Scotiabank, Scotiabank Foundation, Western Union, Pepsi, PlayMonster, Red Stripe, and the UPS Foundation.

When she’s not busy helping brands find their paradise, she’s highly engaged with community development initiatives, soaking up scenic views across the globe, and refining her photography skills to capture the world’s natural splendor.