Secrets to using Public Relations to GROW Your Business!

What are the secrets to exponential growth for your business? Publicity!

Our CEO, Kimesha, spoke with Coach Brooke Gordon and shared with insightful information on how to use publicity to generate momentum to get you more leads sales and more profits. Here are some of the gems she shared:

💎 With public relations, you’re getting somebody else to tell the world how amazing you are. You’re getting somebody, like a trusted journalist, to talk about the phenomenal services you offer and the impact that you’re creating as a business, in your community, in your business space and in the world. And that is the power that is undeniable – third-party endorsement from a trusted source.

💎We all have stories, but a lot of times, if you are not trained to extract the power of that story, then it will go nowhere, because you don’t know how to build up the strengths. And sometimes you have to kind of downplay the weakness as you find it. She presents it in such a creative way that people want to buy into your story.

💎People don’t just buy products, or they don’t just buy services. They buy because they believe in you. They believe that you can do something for them and add value.

💎When you’re thinking of getting the spotlight on your business think about the PESO model of communication – Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned. It’s important to understand how all these channels integrate together to share your message to a wider reach of audiences. You can learn more at www.oasisintegrated.com.

💎A final piece of advice for people thinking of going the public relations route at this point is to consider two questions: why, and why now?

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