10 Easy Ways to Boost Visibility and Ignite Sales for the Holidays and 2024!

The holiday season is one of the busiest shopping periods and a critical time when businesses aim to boost sales. What many may not know is that it often takes months of careful planning to build out the special deals you see popping up, the right messaging to promote them, and the eye-catching graphics that steal your attention. 

Planning for holiday campaigns sometimes starts during the summer (or before)! The goal? To secure maximum Return On Investment (ROI) through cohesive, unforgettable messaging and slogans that get people talking about the brands in December, and of course, to shop, shop, shop! The same is true for campaigns that start the New Year strong.

Our CEO, Kimesha, has worked on intensive holiday campaigns for brands like Frito Lay, Grace, Hyundai, IGL, Pepsi, Scotiabank, The Best Dressed Chicken, and Western Union across advertising, marketing, and public relations. She’s now using her experience to help Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) that are intentional about getting more visibility to grow leads, sales, and profits. 

Today, we share 10 easy strategies to get maximum ROI for the holidays and give you a strong start to 2024!

  1. Leverage Integrated Communications: From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, omni-channel communications is where it’s at. Share your holiday specials, promos, and gift ideas online, but don’t forget to amplify the connection to your clients and customers with in-store specials and live events to make sure they stand out and ignite sales on the spot. In summary, that means using social media, email marketing, online media, advertising, in-person events, and of course, tapping into publicity to amplify those messages across TV, radio, and online news. 
  2. A Festive Feast: Turn up the visual appeal of your content to reel in your audience. LinkedIn posts with images have a 98% higher comment rate on average, Instagram posts with carousels have a higher engagement, while videos and reels build more engagement. Tweets with visual content are three times more likely to get engagement! 
  3. Curate Exclusive Holiday Offers with a Sense of Urgency: Now is the time to connect with your audience with exclusive deals, holiday bundles, and New Year specials with a sense of urgency.  Get customers to take action with a deadline attached to minimise delays. Bonus? This can help to reward loyal customers, and attract new ones!
  4. Highlight Your Products/Services as Ideal Holiday or New Year Gifts: Shopping can be difficult. When you’re shopping for others, it can be even more so! As it gets closer to the holidays, more people are scouting gifts that suit various personalities and age groups. Using categories to promote your brand is a great way to grab attention and become top of mind. For example:  “Gifts for tweens”, “gifts for pet lovers”, “gifts for moms/dads”, “gifts for the techie” or “gifts for travellers”.
  5. Be of Good Cheer: An easy way to build buzz around your brand is creating a holiday-themed contest! This can exponentially boost your social media engagement, increase traffic to your website or store, and win over new customers. 
  6. Give Back to Your Community: Share the love of the season by planning an event or activity to give back to your community or your favourite charity. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a great way to invest in your community or city and endear people to your brand. #PROtip, if time doesn’t allow you to plan and execute your own event, piggyback on an existing one.
  7. Influencer Marketing: Yes, there’s room for that! The right influencers, who are aligned with your brand can get more eyes on your business and help ramp up sales, too! #PROtip: do extensive research and scope out an influencer’s values, reach, and pros and cons of working with you.
  8. Strategic Partnerships: Leverage other people’s audiences to increase your growth. Find complementary businesses and coordinate with them to boost your reach for the holidays and beyond! 
  9. Rock Your Holiday Event: Introduce creative themes, props, speakers, and elements into your holiday event to make them the talk of the town.
  10. Post-Holiday Marketing Push: Many businesses experience a massive lull after the holidays, but this does not have to be your story. Planning ahead means you can continue to engage with your customers and clients to build momentum into the New Year! 

There you have it! Block out time today to sift through these ideas and get more eyes on your business for the holidays and beyond!

At Oasis Integrated Communications, we specialise in delivering maximum ROI to clients, and we work with brands and businesses like yours to get you more reach, sales, and profits. If you have any questions about how to successfully implement these strategies and which one(s) would fit best for your brand, drop us a line at hello@oasisintegrated, and let’s talk!