Western Union USA – “Boonununus” Campaign


When Western Union USA launched a first-of-its-kind campaign that celebrates Jamaican language and culture in Philadelphia, the iconic global brand hired Oasis Integrated Communications to lead publicity and media coverage across Philly and the Jamaican diaspora.

Our task was straightforward: get more eyes on this phenomenal campaign and inspire Jamaicans to send money back home. 

The “Boonununus” campaign was rooted in the insight that when people send money, they are sending love, possibilities, support, and the opportunity to create more happy moments and memories. (Jamaicans use the word “boonununus” to describe something delightful and pleasing). Centering the campaign around the “boonununus” moment of sending money via Western Union free of charge is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Jamaica in a unique way.

The Philadelphia area served as the focal point of the campaign, as the city has one of the largest Jamaican populations in the entire US. With a freshly minted promotion targeting Jamaicans across Philly, the Oasis Integrated Communications team coordinated ground-breaking partnerships and tapped into media outlets with a powerful connection to Jamaicans in the US, the Caribbean, and Jamaica. Our ears-to-the-ground strategy resulted in a potent and successful integrated communications campaign!

Paradise Delivered:

  • A potent community partnership with the Jamaica Pennsylvania Association
  • Appearances and highlights from Philly’s most notable radio hosts, Patty Jackson of WDAS FM 105.5
  • Media mentions in top Philly news
  • Coveted coverage in top media houses that reach the Jamaican diaspora