Entrepreneurs, in Conversation With Géraldine

For episode 9 of season 3, we have our amazing guest, Kimesha Walters. She is the CEO of Oasis Integrated communications which is a company focused on developing innovative customized public relation strategies specific to achieve maximum visibility and brand affinity.

Kimesha shares her experience on exercise her passion and live from it, she creates meaningful stories that connect with people and engage customers through powerful narratives delivered through creative advertising, storytelling, and public relations.

Enjoy the listen!

About Kimesha

Kimesha started her career writing for one of the top newspapers in the Caribbean, where she nurtured her calling, sharpened her writing, tended to relationships, and became a voice for the voiceless. 

But little did she know, her entire world would change in an incredibly amazing way. Enter her transition to PR and the start of a life-changing journey where she honed a new craft and fell in love all over again.

The result? She has become a go-to source for public relations strategy, brand storytelling, corporate social responsibility, feature writing, experiential marketing, influencer marketing, and event management. She has tapped into these skills to benefit countless clients, from start-ups to corporate giants with a global footprint. 

She has executed projects in Toronto, New York, and across Jamaica where she has deftly managed some of the foremost brands across North America and the Caribbean.  

For over a decade, Kimesha has managed scores of projects for the likes of Adidas, GraceKennedy, Heineken, Hyundai, Incredible Novelties, Jada Toys, Jay@Play Toys, Microsoft, OZ Minerals – an Australian mining company, global licensing and product solutions agency MaxxMarketing, Pepsi, Red Stripe, Samsung, Scotiabank, Western Union, among others.

About Oasis integrated Communications

Oasis Integrated Communications is a full-service firm focused on PR, advertising, storytelling, and strategy creation which favors interaction and affinities between the brand and the consumer.

Oasis specializes in creating credible, authentic, and meaningful brand stories to secure high-visibility results.

The firm is backed by passionate, creative, technology-savvy professionals who specialize in delivering boundary-pushing results across a diverse mix of industries. The Oasis team has over 40 years of combined experience, and our partners have masterfully curated unforgettable PR, social, and digital campaigns for some of the foremost brands across the world. 

Favorite quote

Favorite quote

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

– Earl Nightingale